SOAP RESTful - this API will retire soon

The most powerfull way of integrating our SureSMS world class SMS gateway is using our SOAP webservice API.

The SOAP service end-point can be found here:


Basically you can operate on four different objects. Follow the link on each object, in order to get more details.

Message The message object is for sending, reading, and deleting messages.
AddressBookItem This is the object used to manipulate the AddressBookItem. The ABI is the entity that holds one contact person.
AddressGroup Holds a collection of AddressBookItems. You can manipulate a list of AddressBookItems in an AddressGroup.
AddressBookItemInAddressGroup Use this object to create, read or delete elements of an AddressGroup list.


The SOAP service also expose some help functions. These are as follows:

ValidateUser You can call this webservice to find out if your credentials are valid.
ReadCoverage Use this webservice to discover if SureSMS gateway covers a specific destination, and which features are available on the destination.
ReadPrice If you want to know the price of sending a message before sending it, use this function.


The following objects are available within the SOAP service.

Message The message object holds information of the message.
MessageStatus This object holds information of the current status of a message.
Response A generic result object that holds ResultCode and ResultText
Price If you request a price calculation for sending a message, the result will be presented in this structure.
Coverage Request a complete list of countrycodes  covered by our SureSMS gateway.
AddressBookItem The AddressBookItem holds an entity of a contact.
AddressGroup A collection of AddressBookItems. This is the contact list, which you can use for sending.


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