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On our developer site you will find all the relevant documentation for integrating our world class SMS Gateway into your own software.
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    The HTTPs SMS API is the easiest and fastest way to get up and running. Sending a SMS message is as easy as opening a webpage. Still you have a rich featurelist with setting senderid, callbackURL, status quering and much more. It works with almost all frameworks. 


    The SOAP SMS API gives you out-of-the-box features to send and receive SMS messages from your own application. Created with Microsoft Technology and perfect fit for the rapid development environment. A more powerfull SMS API than HTTPs, with this API you can create contacts, groups and lists. 


    The JSON SMS API is the fast way for lightweight development. The JSON and SOAP API have the same features, so here it is more about what flavour you perfer you API. Find Samplecode for all APIs in the menu "Sample code"

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    Behind the compagny SureSMS stands a team of experienced developers. We are scilled and proud of what we do. Whether it is coding, developing or playing Table socker, we never give up until we have reached the best result.
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    Being developers, we know what's important, when making good software. But our API is not worth much if the integration to your system doesn't work! Call us, and we will help you set up your integration. And if we do not have the sample code already, we will help you make it. Se our supportpage for contact info.