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Create a HLR request

HLR means "Home Location Register” and it is at the very core of the GSM network. The HLR is the core database for all mobile subscibers. With a HLR request, you can see what operator a given phone is subscribing to.

Realtime information is often important, when you send SMS message, and with a HLR request you can get to know if a given phone number is in use. HLR Globus


How to create a HLR request

You can create a HLR request directly in your browser, if you have a SureSMS account. If you don not have an account, please apply for one here : Free SMS test-account.

Use the following link to create a HLR request.[username]&password=[password]&to=[phonenumber]


Username Your SureSMS account login Mandatory
Password Your SureSMS account password Mandatory
To The recipient of the message. (remember countrycode) Mandatory
GoLive Set to
0: If you want to know witch operator is in charge of the number
1: If you want to know if the phone number is active

Note: The parameters are NOT case senstive.


If your username is Bicycle and your password is batavus, and you want to lookup the danish number 40818824, this is how the request should look like :



The return you get back will look something like this:

COUNTRY=Denmark(+45) MCC=238 MNC=02 LOCATION=45406997 IMSI=238021900000000 OPERATOR=Telenor

You will get some codes back like MCC and MNC. You can find more about these here: wiki link. Please find an explanation about IMSI in this article.



There are a few errorcodes that can be returned:

ERROR100: We have a temporary problems in the connection with operators or internally.
ERROR101: The input parameters are not correctly parsed. Please review your request.
ERROR102: You don't have any credits on your account.
And then of cause

I don’t know you. Bye bye! If you are using wrong account information.