Using the HTTP GET/POST API is very easy.

Call this URL with the following parameters:

Login, password, from, to and text.

Login Your SureSMS account login Mandatory
Password Your SureSMS account password Mandatory
Text The message text. Remember to URL encode this field. (If you face problems with special chars in the text, try to change the endpoint to GlobalSendSMS_UFT7.aspx). Mandatory
To The recipient of the message. (remember countrycode)
If you want to send the same message to two different numbers, it is possible. Seperate the numbers with ; (still remember contrycode). Use the endpoint See below for more detail.
From You are able to set a sender id here. Max 11 chars. Setting special chars as sender, will make the SMS turn to 8bit encoding and hence it can only be 71 chars before being split into two messages. You need the SenderID approved otherwise you will get a 401. Optional
RequiredDeliveryDateTime UTC datetime for a scheduled delivery. Optional
Flash Set to 1, if you want the message to be delivered as a Flash message. Optional
MessageID Your messageid Optional
Emailaddress The emailaddress an answer to the SMS should be sent to. This requires a two-way solution. Optional
Priority A number from 1 (very important) to 5 (less important) defining the priority compared to other of your messages. Optional
richResponse Set this parameter to 1 if you want to have a response with the price and number of segments in the response Optional


Note: The parameters are NOT case senstive.

Example : If your SureSMS account is "XXX” and your code is "8r7e3".

If you want to send a SMS to phonenumber 20202020 in Denmark, all you have to do is to write the following in your browser:


Remember to write the correct countrycode with the "To"phone number, including a "+"(plus) sign.

You can schedule delivery by using the RequiredDeliveryDateTime as parameter.

If you want to send a message on the 18th of may 2015 at 12.00, you just add this to the link above: &RequiredDeliveryDateTime=2015-05-18T12:00:00Z

If you want to delete a scheduled message, please see this link.

It is possible to add a CallbackURL while sending. CallbackURL is pointing back to your own server. When we have sent the message, we call your URL with some parameters of  status of the message. Read more about CallbackURL here.

You can see the possible returnvalues from the request here.

In case you are representing a danish company and you are not able to provide a country code with the phonenumber, it is possible to choose a specific danish endpoint. Use SendSMS_dk.aspx as endpoint. In this case, if the phone number is 8 digits long, it will be prefixed with the danish countrycode.

*) : if you use the endpoint ../v3/sendsms.aspx you can use mergefields in the to: field. The format is this:

+45123456|{person_name:Jon Doe#person_titel:CEO},+453216445:{person_name:Janny Joe#person_titel:CTO}

you can then write in the body "Hello <%person_name%>. Good to see that you are <%person_titel%>.