HTTP(s) – CallbackURL

If you use the CallbackURL option in the HTTP(s) interface, we will let you know, when your message is changing status.

You should install some software on your server, that can handle a "HTTP Get request" from our server. When you send the message, you are telling us, what request we should make, as the message is delivered.

Example - Could be like this: World&url=


When our server is calling yours with the URL :, we will add the following parameters to the request:

Status See the status code later in this post
StatusUTCDateTime Date and time in UTC yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ when this status message was received.
Receiver The number, which the message has been dispatched to.


If you want to be able to match our Callback to a specific message from you, you should add some unique information to your CallbackURL. This could be as the following:

%26 is URL encodningen for the “&”.

Statusvalue :

1 Delivery successful

2 Delivery failure

4 Message in queue

8 Delivery will never happen