2-Way Solution - How to get incomming SMS

Get incomming SMS by http(s)

If you have a two-way SMS solution, whether it is Virtual Number (VN) or a Hosted SIM, it is possible to receive incomming SMS by HTTP(s). This means that when ever we receive a new SMS, we will create a HTTP(s) request to any endpoint you choose.

It is not possible for you to setup the endpoint by yourself. Please send the endpoint to the following email: support@suresms.com. We wil then add the endpoint to your account,and  do the propper testing to ensure, that we can reach that endpoint.

As soon as  it is configured, we will hit your endpoint with the following string:

https://endpoint.com/somepage?receivedutcdatetime=[The value]&receivedfromphonenumber=[The value]&receivedbyphonenumber=[The value]&body=[The value]

In the example above, the part written in bold is the endpoint we get from you. The rest is something added by our server, when recieving a SMS.

receivedutcdatetime The UTC datetime, when the message was received on the SMSC.
receivedfromphonenumber The phonenumber, which sent the message.
receivedbyphonenumber The phonenumber, which received the message. This is usefull if you have more than one 2-way solution.
 body The entire body of the message we received in URL encoded format.

Get incomming SMS by email

It is possible to setup SureSMS so you receive a mail everytime a SMS is received.

This is configured in the user interface, where you can set the value Forward incomming SMS and configure the email-address the message should be sent to. See more information in the following link : http://manual.suresms.com/kontooplysninger-dine-oplysninger/kontooplysninger-notifikationer/