HTTP(s) - Results

When calling the HTTP(s) endpoint, you will get a number of returncodes.



HTTP Message Resason
401 Unauthorized You are not authorized to make this operation. Probably you are trying to set the senderID to an illigal value or send to a country that you are not entitled to.
200 Message Sent The message has been submitted to the SureSMS server. This does not mean that the message will be delivered. You have to check on the status of the message.
400  Group not found If you are setting To field as a alphanumerical value, we look for a group in your addressbook with that name. If we cannot find a group with that name, you will get Group not found in return.
400 You have entered wrong parameters If some of the parameters are not well understood, the server will return this error message to you. Probably you are missing a mandatory parameter.
400 I don't know you. Bye bye! If you enter wrong credentials, you get this message.