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SOAP RESTfull - messagestatus

It is possible to request a MessageStatus from the server, given you have a MessageID and corresponding credentials.

The Message Status object looks like this:

NameData TypeDescription
MessageID IntThis is the MessageID you supplied when submitting the message. It is only possible to read status for messages where you supplied a messageID.
StatusCodeIntThe last know statuscode for the message. This status can change over time. If the message changes status this will be reflected in this.
StatusDescriptionStringNatural language describing the status.
ReceivedOnUTCDateTimeDateTimeUTC datetime when we accepted the message from you.
RequiredDeliveryOnUTCDateTimeDateTimeUTC datetime for your request to deliver the message in a scheduled fashion.
DispatchedOnUTCDateTimeDateTimeUTC datetime when we dispatched the message to an apropriate operator.
DeliveredOnUTCDateTimeDateTimeUTC datetime when the message was actually delivered to the phone.

Statuscodes are:

StatusNumber Status MessageDescription
10Submit requested We have submittet the message to the operator.
1EnrouteThe operator have accepted the message, and it is being delivered now.
2DeliveredCongrats. The message has succesfully been delivered to the handset.
6AcceptedThe Operator have accepted the message (this usually comes before Enroute).
3ExpiredThe message was not delivered before 72 hours, so it will never be delivered.
4DeletedThe message has been deleted on the SureSMS server.
5 (and -1)Undeliverable The phone number is not available for SMS delivery (could be a landline
8Rejected The phone number is somehow blacklisted.