EMail-2-SMS – put the recipient in the TO field

All you need to do is to send a mail in the following format:

[recipients phonenumber].[Accountname].[Password]

In the mail address above you should replace the paragraphed phrases as described in the following table:

[recipients phonenumber] The phone number of the recipient you want to reach. Remember to write the country code with a plus-sign before the phone number.
[Accountname] This is your account name. You recieved this when signing up, and you can login with this name.
[Password] The current password of your account.




Another possiblity is to assign an API key to your useraccount. Login to the website and add a API key. Then you can send using this format:

[recipients phonenumber].apikey.[the key you choose]

In other words, you change your accountname to the letters : apikey. Then our system knows that this is an API key and we find that key in the API key list.

The last posibility is to send to [recipients phonenumber]@[the key you choose]

If you do not have a login, please order one here.