SOAP RESTful – Message – Create

Create a new message by calling the CreateMessage method.

CreateMessage (AccountPhoneNumber, AccountPassword, Message)

Input parameter:

AccountName Your account name String
AccountPassword Your password String
Message The message you want to send. Message

Return value:

Result Any given result of the operation  Result


Result values can be:


10110Could not validate the user. Wrong username or password.
10199Exception in validateUser.
10210Phonenumber is too short. Should be at least 4 digits.
10220Phonenumber is too long. Should be max 20 digits.
10230Phonenumber is not a number. Phonenumber should only hold digits.
10299Exception in validatePhonenumberlist.
10310Message is too long. It should not be more than 4000 chars.
10320Message is too short. Actually its not there at all. You have got to say something.
10399Exception in validateMessageText.
10410SenderID is too long. It should not be a maximum of 16 digits.
10420SenderID is too long. It should not be a maximum of 11 chars.
10430SenderID is too short. It should be at least 3 chars.
10499Exception in validateSenderID.
10599Exception in validateMessageID.