SOAP RESTful - Definition - Coverage

The SOAP interface supports the method for extracting the coverage for the SureSMS SMS gateway.

Retuning is a list of countries where dispatching can be expected.

CountrycodeIntegerThe countrycode for the country supported. Could be +1 for US, +45 for Denmark.
CountryNameStringHuman readable name in English for the termination country.
NumericalSenderIDBooleanIs Numerical SenderID possible to this destination.
AlphanumericalSenderIDBooleanIs Alphanumerical SenderID possible to this destination.
FlashMessageBooleanIs FlashMessages supported to this destination.
DeliveryReportBooleanDoes this destination support deliveryreport for all numbers.

Only if all operators in a given country supports a feature, the feature is shown as supported in SureSMS. For example, if one operator in India is not supporting Alphanumerical SenderIDs, then India is not supporting Alphanumerical SenderID's. If the final operator supports it anyway, we will use the feature of the terminating operator, but no garantee can be made.