With the HTTP(s) API it is possible to get a collection of received messages. You need to use a time-interval and will receive a complete list of received messages in this timespan.

Call https://api.suresms.com/script/v2/GetReceivedMessage.aspx with the following parameters:

Login, password and startutcdatetime and endutcdatetime

Login Your SureSMS account login Mandatory
Password  Your SureSMS account password Mandatory
StartUtcDateTime From this time (in UTC), we will query all incomming messages. Mandatory
EndUtcDateTime You can use this value to set an endtime, or leave it without as we will use "now" as endtime. Optional
jsonReponse By default you get the response in XML, but if you add parameter jsonResponse=1 to the query the response will be returned in JSON Optional

Note: The parameters are NOT case senstive.

Example :

If your SureSMS account is "XXX” and your code is 8r7e3.

If you want to know the status of a message with id 435345, you must write this in your browser:


If you want to know all new messages from say 01th of January 2021:



No matter if you use the first or last option, the result will be returned in this format: Message (unless you use the jsonResponse=1 parameter)