Sample code – E-mail2SMS - PHP

The following Sample code shows, how to send make an integration in PHP with HTTPs:

$to      = ‘[tophonenumber].[login].[password]';
$message = ‘hello';

mail($to, “subject”,$message);

Igen skal du ændre

tophonenumber: Here you enter the recipients phonenumber.
login : Your SureSMS user login
password : your password for

It is nessasary to change the parametres, so that they do match the username and Password, you recieved when opening your SureSMS account!

Be aware, that some hosting compagnies don't allow you to send an E-mail without sender-ID, or they only allow e.g 20 E-mail a day with out sender-ID.

Should you have any questions, you are allways welcome to send an E-mail to We are looking forward to helping you.

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