HTTP(s) – Response

After submitting a message using the api, you will get an immediate response. This response can be:

Unauthorized SenderID You are trying to send a message with a senderID that is not permitted. Try to change the SenderID or write to get permission to use this SenderID.
Invalid hostname, sender address or password We cannot validate your account. Not by username, password, host-ip or sender-address.
Wrong phone number You have submitted a wrong recipient phone number. The numbers are not validated in real time. Only if we are sure this is a wrong phone number this message is received.
Not enough kredits on your account. The balance on your account is not sufficient to send the message.
The same message to the same recipient You have submitted the same message to the same recipient within the threashold time set on your account.
You have entered wrong parameters Some other parameters are not correct.
Message sent. The message has been accepted by the SMSC.
Something is wrong with the message. Catch-all error. Something went wrong.


Note: The parameters are NOT case senstive.