Sample code – HTTP(s) – C#

The following Sample code shows, how to send make an integration in C# with HTTPs:

using System;
using System.Net;
using System.IO;
using System.Web;

protected void SendMessage()
string username= “+4540818824″;
string password=”12345″;
string tophonenumberwithcountrycode=”+4540818824″;
string fromMax11Char=”Santa”;
string theMessage = “Hello world! I can send special chars like æ ø and å”;

string pathtouse = “” + username + “&password=” + password +
“&to=” + tophonenumberwithcountrycode + “&from=” + fromMax11Char + “&Text=” + WebUtility.UrlEncode(theMessage);

/* Call the Path */
WebRequest wrGETURL;
wrGETURL = WebRequest.Create(pathtouse);
Stream objStream;
objStream = wrGETURL.GetResponse().GetResponseStream();

It is nessasary to change the parametres, so that they do match the username and Password, you recieved when opening your SureSMS account!

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In case your system is running on a server without direct acces to the internet, you may want to use our SMTP solution. With a SMTP solution you can send a message from your C# application, if you have acces to  an intern mail server, which can forward your message.

You can read more about our SMTP solution in our website. 

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