SOAP RESTful – Message – ReadMessageStatus

Use the ReadMessageStatus method to find the current status of a given message. It is only possible to request status for messages, which  have a Message ID, when you submit them.

Not submitting a MessageID, when you call CreateMessage is possible, but then you will not be able to query the status of this message afterwards.

If an error occures, while getting the messagestatus object, the returned message id will be -1 and StatusCode will be the responsecode, the StatusText will be the responseText mentioned in the later table.

ReadMessageStatus (AccountPhoneNumber, AccountPassword, MessageID)

Input parameter:

AccountName Your account name String
AccountPassword Your password String
MessageID The MessageID of the message, you want to know status of. String


Return value:

Result A given status of the message. MessageStatus


Result values can be:

12110Could not validate the user. Wrong username or password..
12230MessageID is too long. Limit is 50 chars
12299Exception in validateMessageID.
123xxException occured while fetching the message.
12430MessageID not found.

If the MessageID of the return is a positiv integer, then you have queried a real message. In that case, the StatusCode and StatusMessage could be the following: