Sample code – SOAP using PHP

The following sample code shows, how send sms using PHP and SOAP interface:


class Message {
 function Message($ToPhonenumbers, $MessageText) {
 $this->ToPhonenumbers=new SoapVar($ToPhonenumbers, null, null, null, null, "");
 $this->MessageText=new SoapVar($MessageText, null, null, null, null, "");


$client = new SoapClient($url, array("trace" => 1)); //you only need trace if you want to se the request

$message=new Message("+45XXXXXXXX","Test message");

$params=array('AccountName' => $accountName, 'AccountPassword' => $password, 'Message' => new SoapVar($message, SOAP_ENC_OBJECT));

//below is only for debugging purpose

echo "<br><br>Request:<br>";

echo "<br><br>Response:<br>";

It is nessasary to change the parametres, so that they do match the username and Password, you recieved when opening your SureSMS account!

Code is courtesy of Erik Nielsen!

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